by Michael Rink

SwiftStack and InfiniteIO Release Integrated Solution

SwiftStack and InfiniteIO announced and released an integrated solution that combines InfiniteIO’s hybrid cloud tiering and metadata acceleration with SwiftStack’s software to optimize capacity resources and increase performance. Swiftstack was founded in 2011 and sells on-premise storage and software. InfiniteIO was founded just a year later in 2012 and provides cloud data management software.

Up to 80% of all data is stored and never accessed again. The joint solution uses InfiniteIO’s real time data management software to automate placing the bulk of this never and rarely accessed data into SwiftStack’s object storage platform. By tightly integrating the two technology stacks, the joint solution can transparently present stored information as existing in local data, even if it has been archived to a lower cost storage solution. When everything works correctly, this allows customers to keep most of their data in lower cost storage tiers without needing to alter workflows or create their own in-house solutions to identify and correctly place high priority data in primary storage.



SwiftStack InfiniteIO Partnership

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