by Adam Armstrong

Western Digital Expands Its Surveillance Storage & Analytics Portfolio

Western Digital Corp (WDC) announced that it has expanded its portfolio for surveillance with new storage and analytics options. The company has expanded the capacity of the previously announced WD Purple SD cards to 256GB. WD is also introducing a new 3D NAND UFS-Based EFD for Surveillance, what they claim to be an industry first, and the Western Digital Device Analytics for gathering information from the new surveillance devices.

Surveillance is changing along with several other industries. Not only are there more cameras and higher quality cameras and video, the information they generate can provide insights beyond just security (consumer or traffic patterns as well as predictive behavior). In order to do this, surveillance is moving beyond just cameras with IoT edge devices as well. And the edge storage needs to be high enough in capacity to retain all pertinent data, as well as fast enough and powerful enough to make decisions, real-time or long term. Western Digital is expanding its portfolio to address this evolving landscape. 

Announced back in April, WD released a series of Purple microSD cards specifically for surveillance (in line with their Purple HDD for the same use case). The initial release of the cards saw a maximum capacity of 64GB. Leveraging 3D NAND technology, WD was able to bump the capacity up to 256GB. The card supports up to 1,000 P/E cycles and operating temperatures ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

Western Digital has been making UFS embedded flash drives (EFD) under its SanDisk brand and under the iNAND line for some time now, with a big focus on the automotive market. Using its 3D NAND and the same technology, the company is rolling out its new iNAND IX EU312 UFS EFD for surveillance. These new drives aim to deliver the performance and endurance needed for 24/7 surveillance. WD quotes speeds of 750MB/s read and 320MB/s write with endurance of 768TBW. The new device also features advanced NAND flash management firmware, including robust error correction code (ECC), read refresh, wear-leveling and bad block management.

All of the above technology, also the WD Purple HDD, need analytics technology to both gain insights as well as manage data and devices. Western Digital Device Analytics provides a set of parametric operational and environmental data to the host system that ultimately helps users pre-empt potential issues. These analytics give customers insights into their environment that can potentially lead to new revenue streams or better efficiencies. While at the same time, this new technology can optimize the management and maintenance of their systems. 

All of the above can give OEMs complete edge-to-cloud surveillance solutions that will help them ride the waves of the transforming technological landscape.

Western Digital Edge To Core Surveillance

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