by Adam Armstrong

XtremIO Achieves $1 Billion In Bookings In Just 588 Days

EMC Corporation has revealed that its XtremIO product line has achieved $1 billion in aggregate booking in 588 days or six quarters. In 2012 EMC acquired XtremIO and has since offered several flash product within the XtremIO line.  EMC speculates that this makes XtremIO the fastest growing product in IT history (thought they have yet to do research to confirm this speculation).

EMC took a gamble when it placed its bets on flash arrays in 2012. However, it appears that those bets paid off. EMC credits this success with both its marketing “machine” and XtremIO’s unique all-flash architecture. EMC states that XtremIO can do things that no other all-flash array can, such as:

  • Scale-out performance – going to 16 controllers with linear performance scalability
  • In-line, all-the-time data services – delivering consistent and predictable performance in every millisecond of the day
  • Copy data management services – XtremIO allows new data center efficiencies, as a majority of capacity doesn’t get used up in copy data
  • Application integration and automation – XtremIO allows users to transition from a single siloed, system-management approach to deeply integrated and automated processes. Not only will this save companies time and money, it will also make the management process easier.

EMC also reported that XtremIO’s second quarter was its best ever. With over $300 million in bookings, this single quarter made up a third of their booking overall. Their second quarter also showed them that 40% of their customers were repeat buyers, half of their deployments were over $1 million each, over 20% of their customers were new (not just to XtremIO but also to EMC), and now XtremIO has over 1,750 customers, including 60% of the Fortune 100 and 47% of the Fortune 200.

Though there was a bit of a kerfuffle over Gartner’s sale data recently, the revised numbers show that EMC’s XtremIO is at the top with 34% of the market. That makes it higher than the next two combined. XtremIO believes their success lies in the fact that its arrays enable new use cases for application teams like integrated copy data management for database development, rapid devops for software organizations and on-demand reporting, and analytics for line-of-business owners.

While XtremIO hit a big milestone with $1 billion in booking they are not ready to rest on their laurels. They remain focused on customer success and seizing more market opportunities. 


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