by Michael Rink

Veritas Announces Edge Data Protection Appliance Flex 5150

Today, Veritas unveiled their soon to be released Flex 5150 edge data protection appliance. The Flex 5150 will be Veritas’s first appliance designed for the edge that includes their NetBackup software. Veritas Technologies was founded in 1983 as Tolerant Systems, briefly merged with Symantec in 2004 before being spun off and sold to its current owner, The Carlyle Group. The current incarnation of Veritas Technologies focuses on providing data management and protection solutions including their newest appliance, the Flex 5150.

Unlike Veritas’s other Flex appliance, the Flex 5340, the Flex 5150 is being designed for edge locations. To better meet the size constraints of as many edge locations as possible, the entire appliance fits inside a 1U area. The Veritas Flex 5150 has 14.5TB of usable storage capacity to protect and restore data at the edge using its NetBackup software. While it can operate entirely locally, the Flex 5150 was primarily designed to provide initial deduplication of data before integrating with a data center or cloud running a central installation of NetBackup. Notably, a central NetBackup server can push out updated policies to multiple Flex 5150 appliances at once, allowing customers to more easily scale up edge storage by adding additional appliances. The Flex 5150 can even tier data to the cloud using Veritas CloudCatalyst software.

Veritas is currently saying that the Flex 5150 will be generally available before the end of the year. That gives them barely more than two months to meet their target date.


Scheduled for GA before the end of 2019

Veritas Technologies

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